A handy piece of art, which upholster your personal area, is today a feasible dream. The myth has collapsed and the criteria for the selection of your own carpet are now less strict.
    There are no golden rules but only the characteristics of the production regions and your personal taste. Where they meet each other, we have the perfect choice.
    Passing the time the wrong impression has been established that the price of a carpet depends on the quantity of its knots. The factors that actually determine the price are much more.
    The candidate purchaser should have in mind some of the following characteristics:

  • The knots and their quantity is a measure of comparison only between similar carpets.
  • The silken carpets are not always better than the woolen ones. There are woolen carpets that have much higher quality and density.
  • There are silken carpets, woolen carpets or combinations of both (woolen with border or silken background) other ones also “bound” in wool, other in silk or cotton. The quality of materials is decisive for the comparison of their price.
  • In addition to the carpets made with knots, there are also rugs that are weaved in looms without knots. These are usually made of wool or cotton and in many cases between the wefts drawings made of knots are included (rug carpets).
  • After completion of the first phase of the manufacturing of the carpet, a time consuming procedure of haircut, washing, edging and finishing of each carpet, follows. The way with which all these are implemented provides to the carpet a special shine, personality but also differentiates the price.
  • Two carpets maybe similar each other, but never the same. Many times the drawing on the same carpet is not symmetrical and small or big differences in the color or the drawing are observed. This is not a defect, but in contrast it provides the glamour of the carpet weaved by hand or in other case that of the stained with vegetable dies. Other times we observe that a carpet is askew or it has longer or not at all stuffers at one side something that also is not a defect.
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